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Teotihuacan the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe and Tlatelolco

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Duration:  8 to 9 hours (approximately)
Available:  Daily

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Teotihuacan the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe and Tlatelolco

Come with us to explore three of the most iconic tourist attractions in Mexico City: the ancient pre-columbian city of Teotihuacan, the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe, which is one of the most important catholic temples in the world; and Tlatelolco, a place where you will find a prehispanic archaeological site, a 17th century catholic church and modern day buildings... altogether in the same place!

Our trip begins in Tlatelolco Mexico, which is an archaeological excavation located in the remains of a prehispanic city, just a few minutes from the historic center of Mexico City. Just in 2009 archaeologists found a mass grave with almost 50 bodies wrapped in maguey leaves in Tlatlelolco. Since the burial ground features both aztec and spanish elements, researchers think these people may have died during the Spanish conquest, either fighting against the invaders or killed by diseases brought by them. A pyramid was found within one of the visible temples recently, too. So who knows? You may even witness a new discovery on this tour in Tlatelolco Mexico!

The city of Tlatelolco was at the time connected to the hill of Tepeyac, where a temple to Tonantzin, a very important mother goddess in the pre-Columbian world, used to be. That's where the spanish conquistadors built the temple devoted to the Virgin of Guadalupe: the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe.

Even if you're not a catholic, a visit to the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a must on your next trip to Mexico City, for it has become a symbol of identity for most Mexicans. The official version says that a man named Juan Diego saw an apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe at the hill of Tepeyac. Speaking in Nahuatl, the Virgin asked for a church in her honor to be built at that place. Juan Diego was instructed to bring proof of what he said by the archbishop Fray Juan de Zumarraga, so he went back to the hill to meet the Virgin of Guadalupe and came back with Castilian roses, not native to Mexico, in his "tilma" or peasant cloak. When Juan Diego opened his cloak before the archbishop the flowers fell to the floor... leaving the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the "tilma" or cloak.

The Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe is visited by millions of people every year, mostly around December 12. Besides the miraculous properties people say the image has, as a symbol it has unified Mexicans in several historical periods, such as the Mexican War of Independence and the Revolution.

Right after visiting the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe we will have a delicious traditional lunch near the archaeological site of Teotihuacan Mexico (food and beverages are not included) and we will attend a tequila tasting as well. From a family of true artisans, heirs to the ages old handcrafting tradition of Teotihuacan, you will learn about the importance of obsidian, a deep black volcanic rock used in pre-hispanic times for a myriad of purposes.

Then we will head to the impressive Teotihuacan pyramids (the place where gods were born) and besides learning from your tour guide about the possible origins of the inhabitants of the city, the meaning and purpose of their buildings, their religion, and the economic, military and political relations of Teotihuacan with other Mesoamerican cities, you'll have the chance of climbing the most important pyramid in Teotihuacan, the Pyramid of the Sun, one of the largest temples ever built.

This tour will provide you with enough information to understand (and fall in love with) Mexican culture. Plus, the views and stories of the city you will get on this adventure will take your breath away! So don't forget to bring your camera, your walking shoes, and get ready to see three of the most important places in Mexico City.

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Tour Includes

  • Round-trip transportation
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Entrance fees to the archaeological sites

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  • Any food or beverages
  • Photo or video services
  • Other activities in Mexico City
  • Tips 
  • Souvenirs, handicrafts, clothes, etc.
  • Any other product or service not mentioned on the inclusions list

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  • Wear warm clothes if you're visiting Mexico City in Fall or Winter
  • Wear a cap or a hat
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  • Remember to use biodegradable sunscreen
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